DC BDR's Zigman Floyd "Ziggy"

Born 2/18/00 and Died Suddenly 10/20/06

ZIGGY came to Brian in 2000 when he was just 8 weeks old. Born to NFC/DC/AFC Gambler's Ace in the Hole ( Rocky) and a daughter of Renegade's Kansas Kid x Grandaughter of Auten's Keystone Cop. A little bundle to liver/white energy that had a zig zag down the back of his neck, gave this pup the name "Ziggy". Originally purchased as a hunting companion, it became apparent that this dog was destined to be more when at the age of 6 months he would run for 2-3 hours at a time entertaining himself by catching barn swallows!

Brian then thought that NSTRA would be a venue that might suit them and give Ziggy the outlet for his growing drive, but it was soon discovered that Ziggy's talents far exceeded even the NSTRA game and it was suggested that they endeavor toward the AKC field trials. Ziggy finished his FC title by winning first place in both the Open and Amateur Gun Dog stakes at the Fort Worth Brittany Club trial in January 2004, and then finished his bench championship title late summer of 2004 and became the third Dual Champion sired Rocky.



DC/AFC/NFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole *

FC Rimarda's Gambler *

FC Rimarda's Trademark *

Windagail's Desert Dust

FC B-Bar-K's Jamie-Lyn of Auten *

FC Auten's Keystone Cop*

Ch. Auten's Battlestar Ami*


Cassy's McKayla of Lancer *

DC/AFC/NAC Renegade's Kansas Kid HOF *

FC/AFC R-Lucky Brandy's Bazooka*

FC Prince's White Tail

Cassy Case-N-Point Lancer*

FC Auten's Keystone Cop

Call Me Aimee Lee Lancer

* Denotes OFA Certification

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