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Puppies available

Please send us an email if interested in getting on the list for a pup from an upcoming litter.


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If you are interested in a 2013 Wild Mtn puppy,
please email or call us for more information. 775-772-9900

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About Our Puppies

Puppies are a joyous event for us here at Wild Mtn Brittanys, however litters are so carefully planned that they don't happen very often. The reason for this is that it takes knowledge, dedication and a lifetime commitment to each dog that we produce, so the decision to breed, for us, does not come lightly. We believe strongly in screening for Hip Dysplasia and other health issues. Our dogs are OFA certified, Brucellosis tested and certified clear of Peri Retinol Atrophy.

When we do have a litter, however, we take the best care to ensure that the pups are healthy, happy,and well socialized. Our puppies are raised in the home within a family enviroment to ensure just that! Our puppies are exposed to children, cats, and of course other dogs from the age of 4 weeks until 9-10 weeks when they are ready to go to their new homes. Tails and dewclaws are removed in accordance with the AKC standard. All pups recieve at least 2 of the recommended series of puppy vaccines while with us and possibly one worming before they leave to join their new families.

Starting at the age of 6-7 weeks, we routinely introduce our pups to the scent of birds, using wings, and later, live pigeons and quail if they remain with us long enough.

Our goal is to produce pups that will fit into family life as easily as into the role of show dog and hunting companion. But that said, it is our belief that the Brittany and specifically, the dogs that we at Wild Mtn Brittanys produce, are HIGH ENERGY bird dogs. To us, this means that our pups must be placed in homes that are ready to commit to the physical and emotional needs of such dogs.

All puppies, but especially Brittany puppies, need an enviroment that encourages and advocates daily exercise and a comittment to training. A bored Brittany can often become one of two things: "Destructive" or worse, an "Escape Artist". Though medium in size and build, the Brittany is an  athlete and can often times jump as high as six feet. They love to chew and dig and will think it is great sport to destroy your pansy garden or bathroom if left unsupervised and untrained.

It our opinion that it is best to have an active outdoor lifestyle and be willing to commit to a training program if you are considering adding one of our Brittanys to your home. In the past, the Brittany has been billed as a "good apartment dog" because of his medium size, easy going, easily trained personality and easy coat care. We disagree and feel that the ideal home for any Brittany is one that can meet the exercise and emotional needs of these wonderful, willing, loving dogs. Room/place to run, a place to hunt (even squirrels in the dog park will qualify here), obedience school and a committed, loving, active owner offer the Brittany the best of homes.

All of the dogs here at Wild Mtn Brittanys are bird dogs FIRST, then they are competition dogs. When puppies are available, they are sold as competition prospects ONLY and are bred specifically for elidgablity in field competition as well as perhaps, the show ring too.

*Sample* Sales Contract for Competition Prospect Brittany Puppy

I, Helen Rogers, proprietor of Wild Mtn. Kennels, agree to the sale of one Brittany Puppy M__ F__ Born____________. Color:_______________ Microchip number _______________________________ AKC #________________________
Dam: _____________________________________________________________
For the sum total of:_________. 
The following terms, conditions and guarantees shall apply: 
This puppy is guaranteed for 7 days ONLY from the date of sale, against any kennel incurred illness such as Distemper, Parvo Virus, Kennel Cough, etcÉ It is highly recommended that the buyer take the dog to a regular veterinarian for a complete physical check over within that first 7 days. A full refund or replacement puppy will be given for any puppy found to be unsatisfactory and is returned in LIVE condition within this 7-day period.
This puppy is also guaranteed against any and all congenital and hereditary defects. This includes CHD, AKA Canine Hip Dysplasia, detected before the age of 3 years, Heart Murmurs, PRA (Peri RetinolAtrophy) and any and all Temperament Disorders as diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. Proof of such diagnoses must be presented and a replacement puppy from a future litter will be given as soon as one comes available. Or the buyer is entitled to _ the sum of the original purchase price. A letter from the attending veterinarian with the dog's physical description, microchip number, AKC registration number, and details of the defects will serve as proof. In the case of Canine Hip Dysplasia, a copy of the diagnosing X rays must be supplied to the Breeder for review and possible second opinion. Breeder/Seller will NOT be liable for any expenses incurred by the buyer for vet care/surgery or otherwise of said puppy without prior arrangements being made and agreed upon in writing.
Additionally, should the buyer ever become unable to care for the said puppy DURING the entirety of its LIFTIME, the buyer agrees to contact the Breeder/Seller and return said puppy. The breeder/Seller agrees to take back the puppy, with no monies being refunded, no matter how old the puppy is.
The Buyer agrees to never surrender this puppy to any Animal shelter, Pet Store, Commercial Broker, Wholesaler, or Charitable Rescue Organization OTHER THAN American Brittany Rescue Inc. Buyer also agrees to never resale this dog without prior notification and written consent of the Breeder/Seller. Initials___________
This puppy is being sold as a Competition Prospect, eligible for either Show ring and/or Field Trial competition. FULL AKC registration is being supplied with the understanding that if the dog is not to be campaigned in a competition venue, then the dog will be either be Spayed or Neutered no later then 1 year of age. Initials_________
And finally, this puppy may not be used for breeding purposes before the age of 2 years and that all health clearances for BOTH SIRE AND DAM (such as OFA Certifications, Brucelllosis testing etcÉ) shall be met before any breeding takes place. Initials_____________
I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this sale: 
Signature of Buyer______________________________________ 
Name of Buyer_________________________________________
Address City, State and Zip Code_____________________________________________________________________
Signature Of Seller/Breeder, Helen Rogers______________________________________


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