Wild Mtn's Must B An Omen, JH "Omen"

OMEN is a very special girl. 

Born via emergency C-section with a harelip and partial cleft palate, Omen was originally "culled" from the litter. When pups are born via C-section, it is necessary to help them come "back to life" by providing CPR and certain stimulant drugs to kick start their systems. Without this human intervention, the pups are weak from the struggles of labor and the addition of anesthesia given to the dam for the surgery. It is very rare for them to revive themselves on their own. Because of Omen's severe deformities it was felt that it would be most humane to not bother reviving her. But Omen had other ideas on this subject!

When the rest of her litter had been successfully revived and were resting comfortably on a heating pad waiting for their first drink of milk, the clean up of the surgery area began. It was then that Omen was discovered....very much ALIVE and looking for her MOM!! I was so flabbergasted at her incredible will to live that I looked up towards the heavens and exclaimed "this must be an omen". I felt that God had helped this little girl come to this world for a reason and at that point did not have the heart to euthanize her as I maybe should have.

Pups with cleft palates have a low rate of survival because they are unable to nurse properly. Omen's palate was only partially cleft, so I opted to give things a try. 36 hours later I found myself tube feeding her every 90 minutes to ensure that she lived. At the age of 2 days, her survival was still in question so I opted to NOT dock her tail or remove her dewclaws. At 10 days, we switched off the tube feeding and put her on a bottle with a human nipple, and the rest is history.

Hand raised and much loved, Omen has turned out to be a dream dog. Known in the Brittany World as one of the "supreme expressers," at the age of 5 months she showed so much heart and desire trying to keep up with the older dogs that it was suggested that I try my hand at field trials with her...in spite of the handicaps. We endure much good natured ridicule for her tail but have won the admiration and respect of our fellow competitors. To date, Omen has achieved her Junior Hunter title, her field trial Puppy stake points (missed her Derby points by a hair) and many very consistent field trial placements.





Ch. Mokan/Wild Mtn I’m Justa Gigolo*


FC Mo-Kan Playboy*

FC Rimarda's Rhapsody*

FC Rimarda's Trademark*

RKC Markee Mist

FC Maximum Express

FC Reed's Bo-Nine Max*

Memory Lane


Rebel's Sparkler*

FC/AFC/NAC Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D*

DC/AFC/NAC Markar's Jacs A Dan D HOF*

FC Jim de Bob's Chengokta

Rebel's Chenango*

FC Jim De Bob's Chenango

DC/AFC Rebel's Samantha Sue




Mo-Kan Covergirl


FC/AFC Mo-Kan Powerglide*

FC Mo-Kan Playboy*

FC Rimarda's Rhapsody*

FC Maximum Express

Ten-K Katy*

Lobo's Blaz'n Rock Candy

Top Gun Annie*


Flash's Princess of Holly

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Wishfull Early Wynn

Patches De Bois D' Arc Orange

Sonny's Holly's A Gun Runner

FC/AFC Jake's Son of a Gun Runner*

Tootsie On a Roll*

* denotes OFA Certification

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