FC King Of Pop'S "King"


Tri-Color, whelped 09/11/2002.
OFA Good

King is only the second TRI-colored Brittany in the history of the breed to reach the open FC title.

He did so by winning the Niagara Frontier Brittany Club's Open Walking Gun dog stake last Sunday with 26 starters going to the line for his second 5 pt major win this Spring. He also won the Maryland Brittany Club's Open Gun Dog stake with 31 starters (horseback handled) just a few short weeks ago. Puppy and Derby points were garnered in horseback trials in Texas.

This boy is about as honest as they get, handling well for both foot hunters as a guide dog in South Texas and putting down a blazin performance with high style in any trial. King has some very nice placements in all breed trials in addition to his Brittany trial work and has really come into himself nicely.

King's field trial placement history to date:

Fall of 2004
Bluebonnet Brittany Club - 1st place OPEN PUPPY (2 PTS)
West Texas Brittany Club - 1st Place OPEN DERBY (2PTS)

Spring 2008
Buckeye Brittany Club - 4th Place OGD
Long Island Weimaranar Club - 2nd Place OLGD
Long Island Weimaranar Club - 3rd Place OGD
Weimeraner Club of Washington DC - 4th Place OGD
Pennsylvania Brittany Club - 3rd Place OGD

Fall 2008
Hudson Valley Brittany Club - 4th Place AWGD

Spring 2009
Buckeye Brittany Club - 4th Place (22 starters)
Maryland Brittany Club - 1st Place OGD (5 pts) (31 starters)

Niagara Frontier Brittany Club - 1st Place OGD (5 pts) (26 starters)

Fall 2009
Buckeye Brittany Club - 2nd Place OGD
Niagara Frontier trial - 4th OGD



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